Wallacut River Confluence Restoration Project, Lower Columbia River

HENDERSON, in partnership with the Columbia Land Trust (CLT), completed construction on the Wallacut River Confluence Restoration Project.

The Wallacut River Confluence site, located at Baker Bay near Ilwaco, Washington, is 113-acres, historically consisting of tidal wetland and side-channel habitat.  Dikes, levees, and tidegates have altered the sites natural hydrology for nearly 100 years, isolating important aquatic habitat from 13 Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed salmon and steelhead species and ESA-listed eulachon (smelt), as well as other fish and wildlife.  Restoration of Columbia River Estuary habitat like this site is considered critically important to the recovery of these species.


HENDERSON performed the aquatic restoration construction work for the Wallacut River Confluence project.  Restoration work involved the reintroduction of tidal influence through levee breaches and the excavation of marsh channels.  Four levee breaches took place, while the remaining levee was lowered, and a previously existing drainage ditch was filled.  A total of 4,810 cubic yards of material was excavated and used to fill in the established drainage ditch.  There were 19 large wood structures added to the created marsh channels, improving habitat conditions for local fish and aquatic species.

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