HENDERSON Environmental Design-Build Professionals offer our clients a comprehensive range of natural resource planning, technical assessment, design, permitting, and construction services. HENDERSON provides an exceptional source of project communication, management, and quality assurance for services and products.  Representative services are itemized below.
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Fluvial Geomorphology ACOE Section 408 Levees Federal, State, and Local Permits Levee / Dam Removal
Hydraulic Analysis Estuary-Tidal Habitat Restoration Section 408 Levee / Dam Removal River and Stream Restoration
No-Rise Analysis River and Stream Channel Restoration NEPA / SEPA Reviews Streambank Stabilization
Hydrology Monitoring Wetland Mitigation Endangered Species Act Compliance Estuary and Tidal Habitat Restoration
Water Resources Assessment Fish Passage State Historic Preservation Compliance Wetland Mitigation and Restoration
Natural Habitat Assessment Streambank Bioengineering Cultural and Historical Resources Review Engineered Log Jam Structures
Cultural Resources Assessment In-Stream Habitat Structures Tribal Resources Coordination Tidal Brush-Wrack Structures
Wetland Delineation and Determination Engineered Log Jams Fish Passage Approval Roughened Channel Construction
GPS Resource Survey Tidal Brush Wrack Structures NPDES Permit Culvert Removal
GIS Analysis Construction Drawings DEQ 1200C Erosion Control Permits Fish Passage Restoration
  Technical Specifications and Details Regulatory Agency Coordination Certified Erosion Control Installation
  Erosion Control BMPs   Value-Engineering
  Salmon Benefit Credit Analysis   Restoration Materials Acquisition
  Project Feasibility Analysis   Cost Estimation
  Public Involvement   Cost-Benefit Analysis
  Stormwater Biotreatment   Invasive Species Control
      Permit Compliance Monitoring
      In-Stream Fish Rescue
      Construction Management
      Construction As-Built Drawings
      Permit Compliance Monitoring
      Revegetation and Site Management

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