Calapooia River Final Design & Construction

The Calapooia Watershed Council selected HENDERSON environmental design-build professionals to finalize 30% design drawings and specifications and construct five projects within the designated ‘Reach 3’ of the Calapooia River.  Reach 3 is an important segment of the Calapooia River, an important tributary of the Willamette River, located immediately downstream of Brownsville, Oregon.  HENDERSON’S embankment stabilization and off-channel habitat restoration work included enhancement of several backwater channels and ponds by reconnecting historic backwater habitats with the river, providing log and slash habitat cover and complexity, and removing invasive plant species.  Other design-build elements included removing a constructed floodplain berm to reconnect the floodplain to seasonal river discharge events, and field-fitting the design and construction of a complex LWD structure spanning over 300 lineal feet of river bank.  HENDERSON’S Reach 3 design-build efforts for the Calapooia River will provide important backwater channel habitat complexity, increased floodplain connectivity frequency, riverbank stabilization and near-bank habitat enhancement, and positive continued Council/landowner relations.

Calapooia River Final Design and Construction

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