Bruce HendersonBruce Henderson, CPSRD, CSDP, CWS
Principal, Contracting Officer, Senior Designer and Project Manager

Bruce Henderson has actively managed watershed-level and stream-specific environmental design and implementation efforts throughout the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. HENDERSON was established through Bruce’s belief that the growing environmental restoration field and the quality of the end products would be tremendously enhanced by continuity of design intent from conceptualization through implementation. Big-picture site assessment, project conceptualization, team-public consensus building, and planning are where Bruce really excels in his profession. Give him intriguing, challenging projects with the potential of solid environmental benefit and he is a happy man.

Bruce strongly believes in giving back to his profession and the communities where HENDERSON provides services. At Portland State University he has taught his intensive 3-day graduate and professional certification course in Restoration Project Management on a pro-bono basis, and continues to donate professional services on an elective basis to worthwhile projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. His professional work has been awarded Oregon’s Grand Award for Water Quality / Environmental Design from the Oregon Council of Consulting Engineers. He is a frequent speaker throughout the Pacific Northwest on the practice of restoration design and construction management in sensitive environments.

Greg Benge SOQpicGreg Benge, MSc, CESCL
Client Services Manager

Greg comes to HENDERSON with a wide range of professional experience in the environmental field.  His background includes the assessment of watershed function and processes, ecological restoration, and natural resource data analysis.  His dedication to the improvement of aquatic habitats led to various collaborative efforts with private landowners, non-profit organizations, and public land management agencies.  He has been involved in developing, implementing, and assessing stream restoration projects, carrying out salmonid habitat surveys, conducting spatial analysis using geographic data, and performing project outreach to cultivate partnerships.  His previous experience gives him a unique perspective on the value of teamwork, and the importance of culture in natural resource management.

At HENDERSON, Greg looks to facilitate a connection with the firm to support client’s aquatic restoration efforts.  His technical background helps him recognize our client’s needs, and his accommodating nature provides our clients with a valuable experience.

Adam McGuire, PE, ENV SP
Senior Ecologist, Senior Water Resources Engineer

Adam McGuire has over 15 years of specialized experience in applied environmental restoration, stormwater treatment, and start to finish engineering, with professional experience in geomorphology, process-based design, hydrology and hydraulics, permitting, and design-build construction.  As a professional engineer, Adam understands the quantification of restoration techniques, natural treatment system design and wetlands; numerical modeling, statistics and programming; and an array of stormwater engineering including advanced BMP design and specialized engineered media, water quality, master-planning, and erosion and sediment control.  Adam has effectively and efficiently completed projects for a variety of private and public-sector clients.   Adam is an officer and board member of River Restoration Northwest, co-chair of the ASCE technical committee on the implications of climate change to restoration planning and design, and is well versed in public speaking to both public and technical audiences.

Rob SampsonRobert W. Sampson, PE, MSc
Senior Water Resources Engineer

Rob Sampson has been a colleague of Bruce Henderson since 2005, when they collaborated in designing the curriculum for the Portland State University River Restoration Professional Certificate Program.  Rob joins the HENDERSON team, bringing methodical planning techniques from a background of 30 years experience designing and installing conservation systems of every variety involving waterways, water management and coordinating efforts with multiple agencies and stakeholders.  Rob’s work as a Project Manager includes project design review, analysis of constructability, program and permit compliance review, project estimation, report review, management, and oversight of implementation in the field.  He has led a wide range of water management activities including optimizing water diversion and distribution schemes, analyzing flood levees, and working with open and closed drainage systems for water quantity and quality control.  Rob also has 20 years of experience analyzing floodplains, wetlands, and stream systems.  This includes floodplain inundation and hazard mapping, wetland restoration, habitat restoration, compensatory mitigation planning, design, and construction, post-construction monitoring, and analysis of changing climate patterns and trajectories.

Alex MortonAlex Morton, BSc, EIT
Water Resources Project Manager/EIT

Alex has worked on various hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and stromwater management projects throughout the Portland metro area.  Alex received his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering for the University of Vermont, as well as a minor in Community Development. His professional skills include CAD, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, GIS, technical writing, and verbal communications.  Alex has notable field experience in water, sediment, and soil sampling, and site investigations.  Alex’s multidisciplinary background helps him bring diverse perspectives to projects in order to help develop creative and efficient solutions.

MN_photo_1Michael Neal, BSc, CESCL
Restoration Ecologist/Project Manager

Michael Neal brings a diverse set of knowledge, skills, and abilities to the HENDERSON team.  His educational background in Natural Resources and Ecosystem Assessments focused on wetland and soil sciences and the NEPA process.  He has extensive field experience in environmental and biological monitoring, natural resource inventory, equipment maintenance and construction, integrated pest management, and project scoping. His professional skills include geographic information systems, natural resource management, regulatory inquiry, data analysis, technical assistance and writing, and project management.  Michael has a keen interest in improving natural habitat and confronting the challenges inherent to environmental restoration and doing so in a most professional, safe, and friendly manner.

ArmandoF. Armando Garcia
Ecological Restoration Construction Supervisor

For more than 10 years, Mr. Garcia has been an integral part of the HENDERSON team, specializing in plant installation, site maintenance, and construction services on wetland and riverine restoration projects.  His leadership skills, extensive environmental experience, and proven planting techniques have greatly contributed to the success of HENDERSON projects.  Mr. Garcia is knowledgeable in native vegetation types and treatment techniques for invasive species removal.  He also possesses experience running construction equipment, transporting materials, leading field crews, and installing habitat structures.  Mr. Garcia’s work ethic and friendly demeanor make him a valuable asset to HENDERSON and our clients.

David Elway (reduced)David Elway
Lead Equipment Operator

Mr. Elway has been constructing and supervising wetland and riverine habitat enhancement projects throughout California, Oregon, and Washington for the past five years. Specific enhancement types include channel modification and remeandering, floodplain expansion, culvert installation/decommissioning, tidal channel excavation, bank stabilization, and log structure installation. Mr. Elway specializes in wetland restoration, utilizing techniques that minimize operator impacts while working in sensitive environments.

Mr. Elway has experience operating excavators, long reach excavators, LGP dozers, dozer grapples/rippers, front end loaders, backhoes, skid steers, graders, box scrapers, fork lifts, and laser levels (for grade checking). His equipment proficiency supports his ability to accurately and efficiently cut and fill to grade. He has experience screening, loading, and placing rock, as well as stockpiling spoils, clearing brush, constructing roads, and installing culverts. Mr. Elway has worked with engineering plans, blueprints, and underground utilities, and can utilize basic surveying skills to aid in project construction.

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