Two River’s Levee Setback & Tidal Wetlands Restoration

HENDERSON was selected by the Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce for constructing the initial phase of the Two River’s Levee Setback and Tidal Wetlands Restoration Project.  The Two River’s levee site is in private ownership (Fee and Simon parcels) adjacent to confluence of the lower Klaskanine River and the Young’s River which flow into Young’s Bay and the lower Columbia River.  As part of the lower Columbia River system, the Klaskanine River and Young’s River support several species of salmonids including chum, Chinook, and coho salmon as well as steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout.

HENDERSON’s effort is the first phase of a two-phase tidal wetland restoration project that will restore approximately 45 acres of wetland to tidal processes and fish habitat access.  In order to meet new construction standards established by the US Army Corps of Engineers post-Hurricane Katrina (2006), HENDERSON field crews raised the existing 900 lineal-foot setback levee approximately 4.5 to 5 feet, compacting the new levee in maximum 1-foot soil lifts, and broadening the levee footprint significantly with 5.5:1 slopes for structural stability.


The second phase of the Two River’s Levee Setback and Tidal Wetlands Restoration project consists of breaching the existing riverine levee located along the Klaskanine River to tidally re-inundate and restore the historic wetlands and off-channel fish habitat.  This project is sponsored by CREST and funded by the Bonneville Power Administration.


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